Our processing capacity is complemented by a strong extraction capacity. We are permanently exploring three granite quarries from which the Amarelo Real, Branco Micaela and Cinza Penalva varieties are extracted.

The gradual investment in new technologies and new methodologies allows us to work more efficiently, safely and with less impact on the environment.

Health, Safety & Environmental Impact

We maintain a strong investment in measures that make the activity more attractive and safer for workers, while seeking to minimize the inherent environmental impact.

The added cost of implementing these innovative measures and processes is largely outweighed by their long-term benefits, both in attracting and retaining qualified professionals and in maintaining environmental sustainability.

The Quarries

Aerial image of the Branco Micaela quarry

Branco Micaela extraction Quarry

This is where Branco Micaela is extracted, a very homogeneous, fine-grained granite. It is a high production quarry, with estimated reserves for over 30 years.

Aerial image of the Amarelo Real quarry

Amarelo Real extraction Quarry

This is where Amarelo Real is extracted, a medium/fine grained, warm colored granite. It is a hillside quarry, with only 3 years of activity and estimated reserves for more than 40 years.

Aerial image of the Cinza Penalva quarry

Cinza Penalva extraction Quarry

This is where the Cinza Penalva, a bluish gray granite, is extracted. It's a quarry that is located in the municipality of Penalva do Castelo, district of Viseu, with reserves estimated to last more than 40 years.

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