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We invest judiciously and on an ongoing basis in research and development activities with the dual objective of increasing the range of products and their finishes, thus increasing the diversity of our offer and finding a sustainable and economically viable destination for the waste resulting from our exploitation, seeking its application as a product with commercial value.

Another aspect of research is related to the search for new technical solutions. This effort has already allowed us to register 2 product patents resulting from this research activity. One in the area of granite coloring and the other in the creation of a vegetal substrate originating from the residues resulting from what the company produces.

Innovation as the path to Competitiveness

Within the scope of the IDT Project nº 38373 PO Norte that Transgranitos is developing in partnership with the University of Trás os Montes and Alto Douro, the data and technical contents of the research results developed in its different activities.

Granite Oxidation

The demand for granites with vivid colors has been growing in the ornamental stone market, with a preference for granites with high weathering, commonly known as yellow granites. These granites are yellowish/brown in color, as a result of natural weathering/oxidation processes, as opposed to the healthier granites that have a light color. Portugal has a great diversity of granites with this color (gray), making it relevant to create techniques that allow accelerating the natural weathering process.

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The process of cutting and preparing marble or granite pieces is inevitably associated with the production of waste, in the form of sludge, made up of very small particles, which can cause various environmental problems.

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Knowledge of the ornamental stone market, in the daily contact between commercial agents and customers, shows the need to develop new surface finishes capable of satisfying all requirements. Thus, it is essential to investigate this topic to expand the range of products available.

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Multifunctional Facade

The cladding of buildings with rock slabs opens up possibilities to introduce new functionalities. Multiple functions that can be added to this type of facades were evaluated, increasing their aesthetic value and offering a range of possibilities not available on the market.

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